Monday, February 7, 2011

book jacket genius

So, I have purchased new bookshelves (yes, bookshelve(s) as in TWO)-- I'm not telling you where they will go yet, BUT the point is that I have bookshelves to fill. So, now I find myself attempting to streamline and simplify my book & doo-dad arrangement as much as possible when planning out how to fill these babies. So, I was talking to Mister Husband about all the different possibilities of filling the bookshelves, and when I started talking about decorating with covered books, I got excited.... Then, my mind started wandering a bit- and I started to think of covering DVD's. I realize these are not as worldly or sophisticated, but let's face it- I love movies- a lot. So- at the thought of this I got SO excited- I decided that I would go for a clean yet artful look... with DVD's. 

Then, I found this post waiting in my blog reader... this is a sign that my books/DVD's will be FABULOUS!!! So- I realize that mine will NOT look like this... but honestly, I'm okay with that (my handwriting will be on the edge of skankdom I'm sure)... BUT I will try my VERY best to make them stylish, simple and sophisticatedly imperfect

Thanks to Sacramento Street for posting this! Can you believe how gorgeous this look is!? I mean, I want to cover every book in my home because of this one photograph. I love good inspiration!
Here are a few more images where books have been covered:
I love the craft paper again in this image... I'm not crazy about the labels- but the overall look is gorgeous! I love that the book ends on the top shelf are positioned in the middle of the shelf-- unexpected, and I love it!
another view... love the set of pale teal books too... this is one easy & gorgeous arrangement!

I am much more fond of these labels because they all line up beautifully... 
ah lovely-- I'm all about color-coordinating bookshelves, but I also believe that this can be done with book covers for the same kind of look.
 Golden covered books... I die. I literally die. This is definitely my idea of glamming up a bookcase!

Here, some of the books are covered in white and others in brown craft paper-- this image is making me swoon....
These beauties from etsy shop Neapolitan were featured on the Nate Berkus show! LOVE these! The marbled papers are my favorite--- While this is a much different look than the streamlined images I have posted-- these are little pieces of art all on their own. I would LOVE to own a handful of these fabulous covers.
This space is so pretty- I know my abode isn't colorless... but I sure do love the color restraint in this image! Can you imagine what those bookcases would look like without the creamy book covers?
So, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me... I cannot wait to share this next fun, easy and most importantly CHEAP project! Stay tuned abode lovers... and have a happy and productive MONDAY!


  1. Oh man, those are so AWESOME. I am obsessed with books. These are amazing... It makes me want to recover all of my books now too!!

  2. Wow, your inspiration photos are amazing. I have never really thought of covering my books, but these photos make me want to. I can't wait to see your final reveal. I just found you're blog. I love your home, absolutely beautiful. I am your newest follower!

  3. Check out Novel Idea on
    or on facebook.

  4. How did this project turn out for you? We have a ton of black shelving with our office desk and I'm so tempted to wrap up all the books in craft paper (really wish my handwriting was like that first photo in your post!). We have our books arranged by color, but it looks so scattered to me with all books, photos, and knick knacks everywhere.




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